Need a BOOSTER DOSE now after two doses of corona? Read the exact opinion of the experts

New Delhi, 13 September : Corona preventive vaccine (Anti covid vaccine(Two doses)Two DosesCoronavirus infection in many peopleInfection(Now third dose since happening)Third Dose) The need to take is being expressed. Citizens who have taken two doses in many countries are now being given a third booster dose. However, given India’s population and the speed with which vaccines are available, it is doubtful whether this will be possible. Whether a third dose, a booster dose, can be given to Indian citizens, renowned cardiologist and president of the Public Health Foundation Shrikant Reddy has given the answer. The developed countries of the world started rapid vaccination from the beginning of 2021. In a country like Israel, 100 percent of the population has been vaccinated. However, as the number of corona patients is increasing, a third dose is being given. However, according to Reddy, it is wrong to call the third dose a booster dose. The first dose of corona is called the primary dose, while the second dose is called the booster dose. Therefore, some experts are of the opinion that it is wrong to call the third dose a booster dose. Despite the differences over his name, Reddy says the need for a third dose is underscored by experience over the past few days. However, Reddy said there were no details on whether the third dose had long-term benefits and how much the immune system was boosted compared to the second dose. In an article published in the Times of India, Reddy cites the example of Israel. Observations reported in Israel found that those who took three doses had 11 times fewer clinical infections than those who took two doses, while those who took three doses had 15 percent fewer cases of serious infections. Read this – The British High Commissioner was also impressed by Vadapav during his visit to Mumbai. However, it is necessary to give it to the citizens who have low immunity, he said. No decision has yet been taken on the third dose in India.


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