Corona’s havoc in China again! Citizens of Putian are banned from traveling

Mumbai, September 13: The coronavirus, which has plagued the world for the past two years, has once again started terrorizing China. In the city of Putian City in the Fujian Province of China, the havoc of the corona has increased. Preliminary information is that this fresh havoc is due to the Delta variant. Since then, the administration has banned citizens from traveling in the city as a precautionary measure. According to the Chinese National Health Commission, 20 new corona patients have been found in Fujian province. Of these, 19 patients were found in Putian city and 1 in Kwanzhou. In China, 95,199 people have been infected with the corona so far, including 4,636 deaths. The Delta variant is believed to have spread due to a Chinese national returning from Singapore last month. At least six people are known to have contracted the corona. All those who came in contact with this citizen have now been sent to isolation. Six members of the two families tested positive for corona on Friday. This includes children between the ages of 10 and 12. Ten times more deaths due to non-vaccination, read the highlights of the new research
How many cases worldwide?
Around 3.73 lakh new corona patients were found worldwide on Sunday. 4.03 lakh people have overcome the corona. 5,913 people died. The highest number of 35,450 patients was found in the United States on Sunday. It is followed by India with 31,374 cases. Russia has the highest death toll from corona at 788. So far, 22.54 crore people worldwide have been infected with the corona. Of these, 20.20 crore have overcome corona. 46. ​​43 lakh people have died in it. At present, 1.87 crore people are undergoing treatment out of which 1.03 lakh are in critical condition.


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