Be careful! Corona eruption in Maharashtra after Ganeshotsav, health officials warn

Mumbai, 12 September : En: Maharashtra (Maharashtra(After Ganeshotsav)Post Ganesh Festival(Number of corona patients)Number of covid patients(Likely to increase health officials)Health officers) Is expressed. There are fears that the same could happen in Maharashtra after Ganeshotsav, just as the number of corona patients in Kerala has skyrocketed after Onam. This fear is being expressed as people are crowding and the fuss of social distance is flying.

San and Corona

The number of corona patients has already increased after public festivals in many states of the country. Recently, it was observed that the number of patients has increased in Kerala after Onam. Ganeshotsav is being celebrated in Maharashtra too and there is a picture of crowds in many places. The picture is that most of the citizens are not wearing masks at present and hence the fear of rapid spread of corona, said the state surveillance officer. Expressed by Pradip Awate.

Appeal to take care in Ganeshotsav

If the corona signals are followed properly during Ganeshotsav, the third wave of corona can be prevented from coming to Maharashtra, officials say. Health officials have said that Ganesh Mandals need to take care of the social distance and sanitation of the devotees who come to them, and not to admit them without masks. Health officials have also advised the state government to increase the number of corona patient isolation centers as well as provide tests and supply of medicines. Read this – Corona erupts again! Prime Minister Modi held a high level meeting

Corona’s growing statistics in the state

In Maharashtra, the corona’s positivity rate was 2.67 per cent last week. As many as 3,075 new corona patients were found in the state on Saturday, while 35 people died of corona. The total number of corona sufferers in the state now stands at 64,94,254.


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