Pen Urban Bank depositors will get their money soon – Navshakti

Pen Urban Bank depositors’ money will be available soon

Special meeting of depositors, information of auditor Vikram Vaidya

Pen: Our victory is now certain and all depositors will get their money soon, said Pen Bank auditor Vikram Vaidya while addressing a special meeting of Pen Urban Bank depositors in Khopoli on Monday. He presented a complete account of how the money will be received in front of hundreds of depositors. Today, after many years, I got to see a different kind of happiness on the face of cheating.

A special meeting was held in Khopoli on Monday on behalf of the Pen Bank Struggle Committee to inform all the aggrieved depositors about the upcoming strategy after the Alibag Sessions Court’s decision to transfer the case of the stay depositors to the ED court on the 27th. Shirish Bivare had called the bank’s auditor Vikram Vaidya for guidance in this meeting. After the ED imposed its burden on the assets of Pen Bank, all the depositors were pointing fingers in the name of the ED but now that the depositors ‘case has been transferred to the ED’s court, detailed information on how to get the depositors’ money was given by Auditor Vaidya.

At the meeting, Vaidya listened to the grievances of the depositors and said that when there was a door in front of you, you were all banging your heads on the wall. As the auditor Vaidya himself has worked on all the scams from the very beginning, the entire story of how the depositors’ money went from one bank to another, from a bogus account to a third bank and how they managed to reach Dubai via air and put the criminals in jail. Did. He said that he had won on the 27th and as his case was transferred from Alibag to the ED, he understood how the ED would take action. He and Shirish Bivare, chairman of the committee, while naming the chairman, said that the delay was due to misguidance.

Auditor Vikram Vaidya and Committee Chairman Shirish Bivare assured that the deposits would be returned soon with the same interest.

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