The young woman jumped out of the window of a tall building; Hateful things were happening to her in ‘that’ house

Ankara, September 4: A shocking incident has taken place with a girl trying to save herself by jumping from a building in Antalya, Turkey. Here a 19-year-old girl jumped from a tall building to save herself. The video of this incident is going viral (Shocking Video). According to local media reports, the girl was raped after being abducted.
Eyewitnesses said exactly the type
After being sexually assaulted, 19-year-old Sirin jumped out of a window and tried to save herself. The incident happened on Thursday. According to the information received, the girl jumped out of the window, hit a car parked on the sidewalk and fell down. After this, people rushed to her aid. Meanwhile, some people called the police. She was screaming for help before falling from a 30-foot building. Siren was covered in blood on the sidewalk, after which paramedics rushed her to the hospital on a stretcher. The Daily Mail has published the news in this regard. This is a forced punishment for mother-in-law for asking for tea; Before I fainted in front of the inhumane act of bullying, she accused me of being abducted and exploited by some Iranians. They tried to sell me. Sirin was seen jumping by a man named Sahin. “I was in the kitchen, I heard screams,” he said. The girl was jumping out of the window. “We were trying to stop her from jumping,” said another. But she was begging for help. Police are investigating the matter further. No information has been released about the girl’s condition yet.

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