Living Evidence of Taliban Cruelty, Watch Afghan Women’s Police VIDEO

New Delhi, 2 August : In Afghanistan (Afghanistan(Of the Taliban)Taliban(Taliban’s brutality after coming to power)Cruelty(Individual stories)stories) Has begun to come before the world. Khatira, who works as a female police officer in Afghanistan (Khatira) Was doing her duty with her colleagues. But the Taliban did not approve of a woman doing such a thing. They kidnapped Khatir. The knife struck her and pierced both her eyes.

That’s the attack

Khatira was serving as a commander in the Afghan police force. But the Taliban do not approve of women doing such work. So the Taliban kidnapped Khatir and attacked her. Initially, she was shot. However, since these pills did not hit Vermi, Khatira escaped. The Taliban then stabbed her eight times. Khatira fainted in the attack. At that point, the Taliban removed both her eyes with a knife. The Taliban fled the scene, believing Khatira to be unconscious. After some time, Khatira regained consciousness. She could see nothing. She called the surrounding citizens and they rushed Khatira to the hospital. Khatira was shocked when doctors told her that her eyes had been removed. She realized that she would never see anything again. She slammed the Taliban for saying this. So the Taliban realized that Khatira was still alive and began searching for her. Read this: Taliban’s atrocities continue, Kabul airport closed for Afghans

Arrival in India

Khatira’s family came to India after realizing that her life was in danger in Afghanistan. She is currently living in Delhi and undergoing treatment. They did so when the Taliban were not in power. Now his power is in Afghanistan. Therefore, Khatira says that the types of atrocities against women will increase.


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