15000 per month will be deducted from salary if not vaccinated; The big decision of this company

New Delhi, August 26: Work from home has been preferred by many companies during the Corona period. However, where work from home is not possible, companies have started related work by tightening corona restrictions. Delta Airlines (Delta Air Lines) Has made an important announcement for their employees. Company employees will be required to take both doses of the vaccine. According to CNBC, the vaccine (Covid-19 VaccineIf not, the employees will be charged a surcharge of Rs 15,000 per month on health insurance. This decision has been made in view of the increasing infection of the corona. This rule will come into force from November 1.
The company made the announcement
Ed Bastian, CEO of Atlanta-based airlines, said that from November 1, employees would have to pay an additional $ 200 (approximately Rs 14,831) on their health insurance premiums if they did not get vaccinated. He informed that not all the staff admitted to the hospital due to corona have been vaccinated in recent weeks. According to Bastian, the cost of hospitalization for Covid-19 is about हजार 50,000.
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The airline also said on Wednesday that the company would be conducting weekly testing from September 12. In addition, the use of masks will be mandatory for every employee. The CEO of Delta Airlines said that 75 percent of the company’s employees have been vaccinated. By mid-July, 72 per cent had been vaccinated, and the rest of the staff would also be vaccinated soon.
Crisis on the jobs of these employees as well
United Airlines has said that employees will need to be vaccinated by September 27. Employees could also lose their jobs if the company takes action after September 27.


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