China’s first reaction after Taliban took control of Afghanistan!

Mumbai, August 16: The situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated since the Taliban took control. Thousands of people are stranded at Kabul airport. There is currently a huge crowd there to catch a plane going out of the country. Citizens of Afghanistan are trying to leave the country in any way they can. This is China’s first reaction to the situation. China’s first reaction came after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. China is ready to establish friendly relations with Taliban-held Afghanistan. This was reported by AFP. A few months ago, some prominent leaders, including Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar, visited Beijing. An agreement has been reached between China and the Taliban during the visit. The agreement stipulates that the Taliban will stop aiding Islamic terrorist organizations in Xinjiang province, and that China will recognize the terrorist organization in return. China’s response comes after the Taliban seized control of much of the capital, Kabul.

Rashid Khan’s family stranded in troubled Afghanistan, exit blocked The Taliban have been fighting for control of Afghanistan since May. They captured Kabul on Sunday. With the capture of Kabul, the Taliban has announced an end to the war and the implementation of Sharia law throughout Afghanistan.


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