How dangerous is the Delta Plus variant for the country? A heartening report by CSIR scientists

Mumbai, June 28: Over the last few days, the second wave of Corona virus (Corona virus 2nd Wave) has been sweeping the country. The number of corona cases in the country is also declining. But the country is now facing the threat of the third wave of Corona virus (Corona 3rd wave alert). At the same time, a new variant of the Corona virus (Delta + variant) is being claimed to be extremely dangerous. But CSIR scientists have given a reassuring report to the central government. The Delta Plus variant of the corona virus is not harmful to young children, the report said. As the number of Delta Plus patients is increasing in Maharashtra, the state government has once again started imposing lockdown restrictions. Many in the state have pushed for the Delta Plus variant and there is an atmosphere of fear in the society. But a report has been submitted to the central government that this new variant of the Korana virus is not dangerous. Is the Delta or Delta Plus variant really dangerous? The head of CSIR, Dr. By Shekhar Mande Zee 24 hours Has given a comforting response. Dr. According to Shekhar Mande, the Delta Plus variant is not dangerous. He also informed that this variant has no effect on young children. Mande has given. Informing about this, he said that CSIR scientists have done research on Delta and Delta Plus variants of Corona virus. Therefore, the Delta Plus variant is not dangerous and there is no reason to be afraid, he said. But he also said it was important to wear a mask and use social distance as usual.
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Scientists have found no evidence that the Delta and Delta Plus variants are lethal. CSIR is of course done by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Delta Plus variant has been found in only two districts in Maharashtra. Mande has said.


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