We will take a decision on Lok Sabha in the next two days, the final decision will be taken by the Chief Minister; Rajesh Tope’s information regarding relaxation of restrictions in the state

Mumbai, July 29: The second wave of Maharashtra Corona Virus has come under control. Corona outbreaks have been reported in several districts. Therefore, other restrictions including lockdown imposed in the state are likely to be completely removed from districts with lower corona cases. Lockdowns are likely to end in districts where coronary heart disease rates are less than 1 percent. Meanwhile, Health Minister Rajesh Tope has informed about the relaxation of restrictions in the state. In the next two days, he said, he could take a decision on local trains, including easing restrictions. Health Minister Rajesh Tope said the outbreak was still high in 11 districts of the state. So the restrictions there will not be relaxed. A file will be sent to the Chief Minister along with the instructions of the Health Minister and the Relief and Rehabilitation Department regarding relaxation of the restrictions of the third phase to the extent of other districts. After that, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will take the final decision. (Relaxation of restrictions in the state) and other 25 districts in the state have very low positivity rate. Districts with low growth rates. The shop may be allowed to continue overtime instead of 4 while easing restrictions at that location, he added.

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The third wave has hit many countries in the world. However, the risk of vaccination is somewhat lower. Even if the infection does occur, the mortality rate is low. So the third wave transition is not serious. It will not work even with more restrictions. That is why the Chief Minister will take a decision on relaxing the restrictions in the state, the Health Minister has said.

The state prepares for the third wave

It will come when the third wave comes in the state. It is very important whether the state is ready for the third wave. But we are ready for the coming wave. Instructions have been issued to all the officials at district and taluka level regarding this wave. The government has also developed medicines for children. Rajesh Tope has said that he is ready for the third wave from all sides. He also called on people to follow Corona rules and respond to vaccinations.

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A decision on local issues soon

At present, ordinary train passengers are not allowed to travel by local train. Therefore, a decision will be taken in the next two to three days on whether to allow the vaccinated people to travel locally, said Rajesh Tope.

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