Vandalism at Ganpati temple in Pakistan, VIDEO goes viral on social media

Islamabad, August 5: In Pakistan, extremists have vandalized Hindu temples. According to Pakistani social media users, the incident is said to have taken place in Bhong town in Punjab province. The vandalism was carried out at the Ganpati temple on Wednesday evening by some miscreants. The vandalism took place at the Ganpati temple in Bhong town in Punjab province. They have destroyed the idols in the temple and other things. The chandeliers and glass ornaments in the temple have been vandalized.

At this time, there was a big crowd of troublemakers in the temple area. The important thing is that no action has been taken in this case yet. The video shows several people carrying sticks and vandalizing the temple. This video has gone viral on social media. Police have been deployed in the area after the incident. The Prime Minister’s Office has taken cognizance of the incident and has also ordered action against the culprits in the temple vandalism case.


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