Police, Municipal Corporation hit traders in Pune; 4 Action against those who continue to shop after

Pune, August 05: Restrictions have been relaxed in 25 districts of the state (Maharshtra State). This time the time limit of the shops has been extended while the restrictions have been relaxed. However, despite the low number of corona viruses in Pune Lockdown, restrictions have not been relaxed. Therefore, traders and restaurant traders in Pune on Wednesday took an aggressive stance against the Corona restrictions. On Wednesday, the traders continued their shops in Pune, defying the orders of the administration. The traders in Pune took an aggressive stance to get permission to continue the shops till 7 pm. Also, traders staged a bell-ringing agitation on Tuesday for not extending the time to the shops. However, the police and the municipal corporation have started taking action against the traders.

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From Wednesday, the Pune Chamber of Commerce had warned all shops in the city to remain open till 7 pm. Accordingly, shops in Laxmi Road, Kumthekar Road, Bajirao Road, Bohari Aali, Timber Market, Karve Road, Kothrud, Warje, Sinhagad Road were kept open after 4 pm on Wednesday. However, shops in Tulshibagh, Shanipar Chowk area were closed around 4 pm. The number of corona patients in Pune is declining. Therefore, shopkeepers and hoteliers are demanding that shops be allowed to continue after 4 pm. Against this backdrop, the Pune Chamber of Commerce announced that the shops would continue after 4 pm from Wednesday. Shops in the city center and suburbs were reopened after 4pm on Wednesday, according to the report. However, at around 6 pm, the police took details of the shops and took photos of them. He also asked the shopkeepers to close their shops. As the shopkeepers did not follow the order, the anti-encroachment squad of Pune Municipal Corporation also started action against the peddlers in the city and suburbs. Therefore, as soon as the action started, around 7 in the evening, a strict bandh was started all over Pune.

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