Not imaginary, this boy really lives a life like a mogul! Lives in the forest and eats grass

Rwanda, 4 August: We don’t want the character Mowgli painted by Rudyard Kipling. You may have seen Mowgli on TV many times. Mowgli was a character in the cartoon series Jungle Book. Mowgli is the youngest son of a man. Since his childhood was spent in the forest with animals, his gestures and habits were similar to those of animals. Mowgli only understood the language of animals. He lived by eating food with animals. The book The Jungle Book, written by author Rudyard Kipling, later became a cartoon series and film. So Mowgli is a favorite character of children. But there are also some people in real life. Who have to live in the forest for some reason. So their gestures are like those of an animal. One such son is named Elie. Eli, who lives in Rwanda, Africa, is known as the Real Life Mowgli. How does it rain when a song is sung? Eli cannot speak of the practice of Indian customs at Cambridge University. He doesn’t even eat his mother’s food. Even though his mother prepared food for him, he prefers to eat grass instead. Eli’s mother says that her Eli is a divine gift. The villagers scoff at Eli and his family. As well as harassment. The reason is that Eli was born for the sixth time after five miscarriages. So his family takes good care of him. But Eli goes to the forest as soon as he gets a chance. Comes back after several days.

Never went to school
About Eli’s birth, according to his mother, Eli was born after five children in a row. From an early age, he lived apart from other children. He never went to school. He has no friends in the village. He would run away from the people into the forest. Shocking! The young lady was very daring, she kissed the snake; Afrimax tv has also made a movie on Elie after watching the video. According to Eli’s mother, he does not like to eat. He likes to eat bananas the most. Other than that he understands nothing. Nor can he do anything.

Runs away from home
Eli doesn’t like his house. As soon as his mother notices him, Eli runs away from home and into the forest. The family also chases after him to the forest. In the forest he hides in a tree. If no one comes home, he stays in the forest for many days. He is attacked by wild animals in the forest. But he is not afraid of it. It is also said that Eli runs faster than Usain Bolt, the fastest runner in the world. People have to work hard to catch him. It is hard to believe that such a person exists, but it is true. This mogul from Africa is definitely attracting the attention of the world.


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