BMC should send proposal to state government, meeting between Rajesh Tope and Sitaram Kunte on Pune lockdown rules

Pune, August 05: Maharashtra State Unlock Rules were recently announced. Restrictions have been relaxed in 25 districts of the state (Maharshtra State). This time the time limit of the shops has been extended while the restrictions have been relaxed. However, despite the low number of corona viruses in Pune Lockdown, restrictions have not been relaxed. In 11 districts of the state where the number of patients is increasing, a rule was maintained. However, in the remaining districts of the state, shops have been allowed to remain open till 10 pm with huge concessions. Also other daily transactions are allowed. However, Pune residents are very upset as such Pune Municipal Corporation is still included in the strict regulations. Pune Mayor Murlidhar Mohol had expressed his displeasure with the people of Pune. Announces regulations in the state. Mayor Murlidhar Mohal had expressed his displeasure over the non-receipt of the exemption in Pune city. Similarly, Health Minister Rajesh Tope and Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte have discussed the Pune lockdown rules.

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Instead of Pune Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar taking a direct role, now the state Health Minister Rajesh Tope has taken a role. If the Pune Municipal Corporation wants permission in the current strict regulations, then Rajesh Tope has taken the position that the corporation should send a proposal to the state government. A meeting was held between Chief Secretary of the state Sitaram Kunte and Health Minister Rajesh Tope last night. In this meeting, the issue of giving exemption to Pune Municipal Corporation in the current strict rules was discussed, said Tope.

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Tope has said that if the Pune Municipal Corporation sends a proposal to the state government for relief, the final decision will be taken by the Chief Minister after discussing with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Due to this, it is now being looked into whether the Pune Municipal Corporation will get relief from the strict rules in the future.

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