Rocket attacks again in fiery Afghanistan; The Taliban targeted Kandahar airport

Kandahar, August 1: Violent incidents have been taking place in Afghanistan since the US withdrew its troops. For the past several days, the Afghan army and the Taliban terrorist organization have been at loggerheads. Attacks are being carried out by the Taliban to gain control of various parts of Afghanistan. It has now come to light that a rocket attack has taken place at Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan. The Taliban have fired three rockets at Kandahar airport. Two of the rockets exploded on the runway. Therefore, all flights from this airport have been canceled. Masood Pashtun, chief officer of Kandahar Airport, told AFP that work on the runway was in full swing. This work can be completed by this evening.
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There were no immediate reports of injuries in the attack, which took place late last night. But all flights have been canceled since the attack. Sources said the Taliban was behind the attack. Because the terrorists of the Taliban organization have surrounded the city of Kandahar on all sides. Currently, the Taliban and Afghan security forces are fighting in Kandahar.
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Kandahar is the second largest city in Afghanistan. The airport is used to supply weapons and supplies to the Afghan army. That is why the Taliban have attacked the airport in an attempt to cut off aid to Afghan forces. The Taliban have stepped up attacks in the area over the past two to three weeks.

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A few days ago, the Taliban claimed control of 85 parts of Afghanistan. In particular, Kandahar was formerly the Taliban’s headquarters. As a result, the situation in Kandahar, including northern Afghanistan, is deteriorating day by day. In addition, a rocket attack has now taken place at Kandahar International Airport.


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