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Coronavirus: Coronavirus is still prevalent in some parts of the state. A few days back, a central health team had recently visited Kolhapur to take stock of the situation.

Kolhapur, July 20: Outbreak of corona in the state (Corona Pandemic) Seems to be declining. However, in the state nonetheless (Maharashtra) In some districts, the number of corona cases is still high. Western Maharashtra (Western Maharashtra) Kolhapur (Kolhapur), Sangli (Sangli) Considering the situation of Corona in the district, the central team recently toured both these districts. After this tour, the central team has given an important piece of advice to the state government.

After visiting Kolhapur and Sangli districts and reviewing the condition of corona, the central team has expressed concern over the increasing number of corona in these two districts. It has also suggested a complete lockdown in both the districts. State health officials said they were waiting for the central team’s report.

“What exactly does the Congress want to do, what is their direction?”

State Health Minister Rajesh Tope said there are 10 districts in the state where the positivity rate is very high. The central team has toured some of these districts. The central team has also advised to increase corona testing, contract tracing and vaccination in these districts. We are complying with all protocols.

I will be going to Delhi soon and this time the Center will be asked to supply more corona vaccines. The director of the National Center for Disease Control, Dr. Sujeet Singh said, “We are also investigating whether there is a new variant of Corona in the state or not.”

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First published:July 20, 2021, 10:05 AM IST


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