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The Zhengzhou area of ​​China has received Whole year’s rain in just 4 days.

Beijing, July 21 : By nature in China (Environment) Has begun to show its roaring form. Zhengzhou of China (Zhengzhou(In just four days in the area)4 days(Rain throughout the year)Whole year’s rain) Has collapsed. As a result, the area is literally flooded and many citizens are stranded in different areas.

New rainfall record

It has been raining heavily in China for the past four days, with as much rain falling in the last four days as in the whole year. One-third of the total rainfall for the year fell on July 20 in just one hour. This is a sign that the balance of nature is disturbed and due to this rain, many passengers were stranded in the tubes of the metro at the stations in the tunnel.

Escape safely

Metro commuters were stranded due to waterlogging. In many places, the water had risen up to the necks of the passengers. The metro was a picture of complete water. The administration was instructing the passengers to stop at the same place and lean on the roof. Relief efforts were hampered by torrential rains and stagnant water. Getting the passengers out was a chore. However, the Chinese authorities have said that all the passengers were finally released.

Signs of imbalance

We say that the balance of nature may be disturbed in the future. But now it’s not just a question of the future, it’s a sign of the present that the balance has been upset, tweeted meteorologist K. S. Hosalikar has done. Rainfall of one third of the year in an hour is a warning given by nature and is a harbinger of future natural disasters, say meteorologists.

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First published:July 21, 2021, 5:45 PM IST


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