‘She’ made a mistake for Delhiites; Kejriwal government gave a bang! Mumbaikars, you should cover it Coronavirus-latest-news

Don’t let the time come in Delhi to stop Corona in Mumbai.

New Delhi, July 20: Of corona patients in Delhi (Delhi corona cases) The number has dropped. Since then, people have been seen violating the Corona rule. So the danger has not yet been averted. The markets are crowded with people (Crowd in market) Is done. No corona rules were followed at this time. Of social distance (Social distancing) It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. No mask was seen on anyone’s face. Therefore, the Kejriwal government has dealt a heavy blow to Delhiites who are now widely violating the Corona rule. Important markets in Delhi closed (Delhi market closed) Have been.

The DDMA, the Disaster Management Authority of Delhi, is now in action to stop the corona in Delhi. The Kolhapur Road Bazaar and Inner Circle Bazaar in Delhi’s Kamala Nagar have been closed till 8 pm on Wednesday. But they will continue to provide essential services, the government has said. The shops will be closed from 8 pm on July 19 to 8 pm on July 21 or until further orders. The government has also warned that strict action will be taken against shopkeepers violating the rules.

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In view of the situation in Delhi, it has been decided to close the market. The same situation is seen in Mumbai. The two markets in Mumbai, Dadar Market and Crawford Market, are crowded. A few days ago, a similar horrible crowd was seen in Crawford Market. Therefore, the same restrictions that have been imposed in Delhi will not take long to be implemented in Mumbai. At present, shops are open in Mumbai from 7 am to 4 pm. But if the situation in the Mumbai market remains the same, the markets in Mumbai will be closed like in Delhi.

Advise the center of the entire lockdown

Outbreak of corona in the state (Corona Pandemic) Seems to be declining. However, in the state nonetheless (Maharashtra) In some districts, the number of corona cases is still high. Western Maharashtra (Western Maharashtra) Kolhapur (Kolhapur), Sangli (Sangli) Considering the situation of Corona in the district, the central team recently toured both these districts. After this tour, the central team has given an important piece of advice to the state government.

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After visiting Kolhapur and Sangli districts and reviewing the status of corona, the central team has expressed concern over the growing number of corona in these two districts. It has also suggested a complete lockdown in both the districts. State health officials said they were waiting for the central team’s report.

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