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Nirav Modi, a fugitive diamond trader, has started an excuse that if his mental condition is not stable, he can commit suicide in an Indian jail.

London, July 21 : Fugitive Indian diamond trader Nirav Modi (Nirav Modi) Self-extradition (extradition(Now a new excuse to avoid)New reason) Has been discovered. Your mental state is not good (Mental condition not stable(In Indian prisons)Indian Jail) So you commit suicide due to depression (Suicide) He has started an excuse that he can do it. On behalf of Nirav Modi, his lawyers made this claim in a British court and requested to stop Modi’s extradition.

What’s the new excuse?

Nirav Modi’s mother had committed suicide when he was only 8 years old. Since then, ‘suicidal tendencies’ had started appearing in Nirav Modi. Considering the population of India, there are not enough doctors available per patient. Therefore, even Nirav Modi could not get psychiatric treatment in time, the lawyers have claimed.

The condition of Indian prisons is bad

Modi’s lawyers have argued in a British court that the conditions in India’s prisons are so bad that Nirav Modi may end up in a pit of despair and commit suicide. He said the medical facilities in Indian prisons were of poor quality and the condition of the prisons was dire.

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How to get psychiatric treatment?

When it was claimed on behalf of India that it was possible to get psychiatric treatment in Indian prisons, Modi’s lawyers said that there were difficulties in getting psychiatric treatment in prisons. The decision is being made at the behest of the judge, and lawyers have claimed that one died due to lack of psychiatric treatment. Corona is currently in India and there are no psychiatrists in prisons. However, due to the huge crowd, they can’t give everyone as much time as they want, claimed Nirav Modi’s lawyers.

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First published:July 21, 2021, 9:28 PM IST


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