Maharashtra Corona Death Reconciled: Corona death toll rises to more than 3,500 in the state Coronavirus-latest-news

Maharashtra Corona Death Reconciled: The number of corona deaths is increasing daily. Shocking information has come to the fore. The number of Reconciled Deaths in the state has increased.

Mumbai, July 21: Of corona infection in the state (Corona Virus) The second wave (Second Wave) Is fading. But still a potential third wave over the state (Third Wave) The threat has been stated. However, the number of deaths due to coronavirus is increasing day by day. Shocking information has come to the fore. Of the dead in the state (Deaths Reconciled) The number has increased anew. Hence the deaths in the state (Deaths Reconciled by Maharashtra) The number seems to have increased. This entry is from the last few months, not just one day.

The death toll in the state has added 3509 new deaths. The cause of death has been unclear for the past few months. However, the health department investigated him. It later became clear that these patients had died of corona. So the health department updated the death toll of coronary heart disease patients in the state. Accordingly, the death toll in the state has now risen to 3509.

This shocking information is in front of us today. In the morning, the statistics of corona victims in the country were released. Meanwhile, the death toll in the state has come to light.

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During the day on Tuesday, 7,510 patients were corona-free in the state while 6,910 new corona-infected patients were found. A total of 147 coronary artery disease deaths were reported on Tuesday.

To date, a total of 60,911 coronary heart patients have recovered and returned home. As a result, the recovery rate in the state is 96.33 per cent. So far 1 lakh 30 thousand 753 patients have died in the state. It has added 3509 new deaths. The current mortality rate in the state is 2.09 per cent.

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First published:July 21, 2021, 11:30 AM IST


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