Corona Positive youngsters made a fuss for air travel, Bing exploded due to a mistake Crime

Hundreds of people have been hanged by a Corona positive man to reach home immediately. He has traveled by plane in disguise.

Jakarta, July 21: Hundreds of people have been hanged by a Corona positive man to reach home immediately. Although the accused is a young coroner, he has flown by wearing his wife’s burqa. But one of his mistakes has exposed his brass. The young man in the corona arrived at the airport wearing a burqa, but his bing burst due to a mistake he made in the end. After landing at the airport, police arrested him and tested his corona, but he was found to be infected with the corona again.

According to CNN, the young man concerned is named DW and is a resident of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Meanwhile, he has flown in violation of Corona rules. For this, DW had endangered the lives of hundreds of people. The accused, wearing a burqa, went to the Jakarta airport with a negative report from his wife. He also managed to harass the security personnel here, but after boarding the plane, he made a mistake which has exposed his guilt.

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After missing the security guards at Jakarta Airport and boarding the plane, the accused youth went to the toilet shortly after. Here he took off his veil, put on his men’s clothes, and sat down in his seat. But the matter came to the notice of a female flight attendant. As a result, she reported the incident to the pilots. The pilot alerted authorities at Tarnet Airport about the incident.

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As the plane landed at Tarnet Airport, airport security personnel and officers took DW into custody. Authorities tested the accused’s corona at the airport. The test also found the accused to be positive. Authorities have kept the accused in his house in isolation as the accused Corona was found to be infected.

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First published:July 21, 2021, 12:23 PM IST


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