After Ladakh, now in Uttarakhand, China’s movements near the LAC increased; India ready too National

India China Standndoff: China’s evils have not stopped. Recently, a detachment of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army was seen active on the Uttarakhand border.

New Delhi, July 21 : India-China Standoff Against this backdrop, the Chinese forces have now stepped up their operations near the Line of Actual Control in the Barahoti area of ​​the state of Uttarakhand. Recently, a detachment of People’s Liberation Army was seen operating in the area. “A platoon of 35 Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers was spotted recently during a survey in Barahoti area of ​​Uttarakhand state,” the source told ANI.

After some time in this area, some movements of Chinese soldiers were started. He also said that a survey of this area was being done by them.

India has also made the necessary arrangements in the area, the sources said. Looking at China’s security system, it seems that they intend to do something in this area; However, India’s readiness in the entire Central region as a whole is much better and more, the sources said. Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat and Union Army Chief Lieutenant General Y Dimari have also recently visited the border area and reviewed the situation there as well as preparations, sources said.

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The movement of Chinese troops has accelerated at an air base near Barahoti, where a large number of drones have been deployed.

India has deployed additional troops in the central area, and in many places, the troops in the rear have moved forward. The Indian Air Force has also activated some air bases. That includes the Chinyalisound Advance Landing Ground. AN-32s are constantly landing there.

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Chinook Heavy-Lift Helicopters are also operating in the area, which can be used to bring in or out of the area if needed, the sources said.

First published:July 21, 2021, 6:01 PM IST


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