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Tokyo Olympics 2021: Special anti-sex beds have been created for athletes participating in the Olympics. Which are the most discussed.

Tokyo, July 20: Olympics in just a few days (Olympic 2021) The competition has come and gone. But the competition, the athletes who participate in it and their practice are the most talked about in the Olympic Village. (Olympic Village 2021) Anti sex beds (Anti sex beds). These are special beds for athletes participating in the Olympics (Tokyo Olympic Village Beds) Have been created. This has upset most of the players as well. But are these beds really anti-sex? Now the player has informed about this.

By Irish gymnast Rice Mac Klenghan (Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan) Created a video of antisex beds. He has given a live demo of these beds. He posted this video on his Twitter account.

Athletes participating in the Olympics will have to sleep on these anti-sex beds. Now its feature is in its name, anti-sex means sex beds, it means you can’t have sex on it.

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These beds are made of cardboard. Its size is such that only one person can sleep on it and this bed has the capacity to carry its load. Two people can’t sleep on it. It can weigh a maximum of 200 kg. This bed should not be hit in any way. If two people sleep and the pressure on the bed increases, the bed may break. The players have expressed displeasure over the design of this bed. According to the players, the bed is too small and cannot support their weight. Many players are objecting to this bed, saying that it will not even require sleep and will affect the game.

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But in this video you can see this player jumping loudly on these beds. But nothing is happening to the beds. This means that the beds are strong. Therefore, the information spread about the beds is a rumor, the player has given proof.

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First published:July 20, 2021, 5:43 PM IST


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