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COVID-19 3rd Wave: The country is said to be in danger of the third wave of corona. Corona’s situation is worrisome in two states of the country.

New Delhi, July 10: Of corona virus in India (COVID-19) The number of patients is now decreasing day by day. After nearly two months, the situation in many states is improving. However, there are still many districts where the number of corona patients is not declining. The number of patients is higher in many districts. Therefore, the rapid increase in patients has become a matter of concern. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) He expressed concern over the growing crowd in the market and elsewhere on Thursday as well as non-compliance with the rules of corona.

Although the number of corona patients is declining in some states in the country, the situation of corona in Kerala and Maharashtra is still worrisome. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also expressed concern over the situation in the state. Although the number of corona patients per day is low in both these states, the number of corona infected patients is also high.

In both states, 50 per cent of the corona virus cases in the country last week came from these two states. Most worryingly, the state of Maharashtra has yet to reach the state of the first wave from the second wave case. The number of patients in Kerala is once again on the rise. In the state, except for July 8, the number of new patients in Corona twice last month had crossed 15,000.

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The situation in these districts is critical

Corolla figures in Mallapuram, Kottayam, Kasaragod, Kozhikode and Thisur in Kerala are worrisome. The number of corona patients has been on the rise since last month in almost half of the 14 districts in Kerala. The incidence of corona virus is increasing in Mallapuram, Kottayam, Kasaragod. In Kottayam and Thisur, the number of patients is neither increasing nor decreasing.

In Maharashtra, Mumbai, Pune and Thane, the number of Kovid 19 patients is less but the number is higher. Therefore, corona infection is still seen in many places.

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Possible third wave threat in Maharashtra; The state government took a big decision

Also the possibility of a possible third wave (Possibility of third wave) Has been reported. With this in mind, the state government (Maharashtra Government) State Government Employees (Government Employees) And has made important decisions regarding the replacement of officers.

General transfers of state government officers and employees are made in the months of April and May every year. However, at present the outbreak of the contagious disease Kovid 19 in the state has not been brought under control and a decision has been taken regarding the replacement considering the possibility of a third wave. Accordingly, it has been decided that in the current financial year 2021-22, transfers should be made in a limited manner till August 14, 2021 and no transfers should be made thereafter.

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