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Corona Vaccine Third Dose: The Delta Plus variant of the Corona Virus is spreading rapidly. As a result, many experts today are talking about the third dose of the booster shot.

New Delhi, July 17: Potential to many countries around the world (Third Wave) The third wave is said to be in danger. That’s Corona (Corona Virus) Delta Plus variant (Delta Plus Variant) Spreading fast. Because of this many expert vaccines nowadays are ‘booster shots’. (Booster Shot) The third dose of (Dose) Are talking about. A third dose of the vaccine can stop corona infection for a long time. Meanwhile, some experts say that there is no need for a booster of the vaccine at present. (Corona Vaccine)

Earlier this month, Pfizer said it was seeking permission from authorities in the United States and Europe for a third dose of the vaccine. A third dose of the vaccine will boost people’s immunity to coronary heart disease, he said. The company said that two doses of the vaccine could save people from corona infection for at least six months.

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Preparing for the third wave

The company has argued that a new variant of the corona will reduce the effect of the vaccine. Anthony Fawcett, the White House’s chief medical adviser, told CNBC on Tuesday that the third dose of Pfizer / Bioen Tech was the right preparation (for that situation). In which you will need a booster.

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What is the opinion of medical institutes on this?

There is no indication that a medical institution will recommend a third dose for those who have taken both doses of the vaccine. The European Medicines Agency and the European Center for Disease Control say it would be too early to say whether a third dose is needed. There is still insufficient data from the vaccination campaign and ongoing studies to understand how long vaccine protection will last, the medical institutes said in a joint statement.

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