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This photo has gone viral on social media. Modi has also commented on the third wave.

New Delhi, July 13 : En: Corona (Corona) The force of the second wave (Second Wave(Tourists to enjoy the rainy season as it recedes)Tourists(At different hill stations)Hill stations) Is a picture of a crowd. This is not a time to enjoy, this is a time to lose the corona; The third wave only when we call (Third waveWill come, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) Has expressed concern. He expressed concern over the increasing number of people visiting various tourist destinations without masks.

Prime Minister Modi held a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the northeastern states. Corona outbreaks are on the rise, especially in the northeastern states, where tourism is the main business. The meeting discussed how to reconcile health and economics in the face of the Corona crisis on the one hand and the tourist season on the other. Although tourism is the main source of income for the northeastern states, the current challenges should be avoided, the Prime Minister said. “Everyone should be shocked to see the crowd walking around without wearing masks,” he said.

Crowds of tourists everywhere

Many tourists are now flocking to different tourist destinations due to the onset of rains while the second wave is receding. Especially in the north-eastern states, the picture is that tourists are getting preference. Apart from that, tourists have started flocking to Kullu and Manali.

That photo proves to be old

Meanwhile, a fact-checking has revealed that the viral photo of a man walking around in Manali without a mask is old and dates back to pre-Corona period. A large crowd had gathered on Mall Road in Manali and a photo of no one wearing a mask went viral, sparking a single discussion across the country. Netizens had criticized the administration on a number of issues, from the irresponsible behavior of tourists to the negligence of the administration. However, the photo was taken in January 2019 and appears to have preceded the Corona attack.

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First published:July 13, 2021, 2:43 PM IST


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