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Nagpur News: There was a commotion at the vaccination center in Nagpur on Sunday when the staff at the vaccination center was kept in check.

Nagpur, July 14: In the city of Nagpur (Nagpur city) BJP corporator Rupali Thakur (BJP Corporator Rupali Thakur) Her husband Parshu Thakur (Parshu Thakur) He has come up with a way to keep the female staff at the vaccination center in check. The whole incident took place around 5.30 pm on Sunday. The hijacking of the Chukka Vaccination Center has caused a stir.

As it happened, the vaccination center (Vaccination Center) It was time to close. Sharda Chowk (Sharda Chowk) The staff had started preparations to send back the vaccine by closing the vaccination center of the municipal school here, but Parshu Thakur threatened to vaccinate the citizens from the remaining vaccine or else we will not let you out.

Big news! Khadse of the committee did not have a clean chit, allegation of misusing the ministerial post – source

After this, Parshu Thakur closed the door of the vaccination center and kept everyone in suspense. The door to the vaccination center did not open after female staff protested. Eventually the female staff called the police on the hundred number. Shortly afterwards, the police arrived and the female employees were released.

Allegations denied

Parashu Thakur, husband of BJP corporator Rupali Thakur, who is accused of harassing female staff at the vaccination center, sought his opinion on the incident. Speaking to News18 Lokmat, Parshu Thakur refuted all the allegations against him. He also claimed that he did not keep Kuma in check.

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First published:July 14, 2021, 1:28 PM IST


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