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Corona Vaccination: Although the second wave of Coronavirus Pandemic has been brought under control, the Corona Crisis is not over yet.

New Delhi, July 11: Of the corona virus (Coronavirus pandemic) The second wave (Second Wave) Although under control, the Corona crisis is not over. However, experts have come up with a new opinion on Corona. After some time Kovid-19 (Covid-19) It’s like influenza (Influenza) Will.

Not only that, but coronaviruses may need to be vaccinated every year to prevent coronavirus, experts say. Currently the third possible wave of corona in the country (Third Wave) Preparations are underway. If people do not follow the rules regarding corona, the third wave of corona may start in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Sameeran Panda, head of the Division of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases at the Indian Council of Medical Research, said that after some time, Kovid 19 will reach the local level. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local means the spread of a disease or infectious variant among a population in a geographical area.

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Risk of re-infection in the country

According to a mathematical study on coronavirus infection in the country, the second wave of coronavirus in India came under control. But reproductive number (R number) Or the R number has seen an increase in numbers for the first time since mid-April. Covid 19 (Covid-19) The number R is a kind of indicator of how fast the infection spreads. Accordingly, the number of active corona patients in the country has been declining over the past few days.

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R number can also be called a kind of mathematical prediction. The R number counts how many people have been infected by coming in contact with people who have already been infected with the corona virus. This R number was declining until the last week of June. However, in the period from June 20 to July 7, it increased rapidly.

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