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With the number of corona patients declining in most of the states in the country, there is a picture of a large number of citizens going out for tourism. Experts say that this type is nutritious for the third wave of the corona, thus increasing the chances of a third wave.

New Delhi, July 13 : The second wave of the corona (Second wave of corona) Although the effect is waning, in some parts of the country the corona is still in effect. However, due to the declining number of corona patients in most of the states in the country, the number of citizens seeking large-scale tourism (tourism) Is a picture of coming out. This type is nutritious for the third wave of the corona, so the third wave (Third wave) Experts are of the opinion that it is more likely to occur.

The third wave is inevitable

Experts believe that the third wave is inevitable considering the nature of the first two waves. However, if all the rules regarding corona are followed and taken care of, the intensity of this wave can be reduced. However, the Indian Medical Association has said that the kind of indifference among the citizens after the second wave has subsided is worrying and will increase the severity of the third wave.

The Prime Minister also gave a warning

After the Indian Medical Association expressed its concern, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also warned the unmasked pilgrims. Modi had said that the crowds at the tourist spot were worrisome and there was no time to enjoy it. He had a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states in Northeast India and had in-depth discussions on how to link tourism and Corona.

Concerns expressed by WHO

The World Health Organization has also raised concerns about the Delta virus from time to time. Delta virus has arrived in many countries of the world and research is currently underway in various countries on the potential of this virus. So far, the new variant seems to be more dangerous to the unvaccinated citizens and it has been said that speedy vaccination is the solution to the third wave.

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The third wave claims to have started

Meanwhile, physicists at the University of Hyderabad have claimed that the third wave started on July 4. Experts say the death toll has risen in the past few days and the number of new patients has risen compared to the number of recovering patients.

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First published:July 13, 2021, 10:37 PM IST


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