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Children’s eye complaints have increased. Along with sleep disorders, vision is also impaired. How to recognize the symptoms of myopia?

Delhi, July 12 : In the third wave of the corona (Third Wave Of Corona) At a time when children are at increased risk, a new disease is looming. Resistance to corona (Immunity) Black fungus due to weakening (Black Fungus) The risk of infection is increased. Myopia occurs when such illnesses cause anxiety (Myopia) The so-called disease has now come to the fore. According to a report, the incidence of eye myopia has increased in countries like China and the Netherlands. India also has a disease with symptoms similar to myopia.

According to experts, corona should be taken care of in the eyes of young children as well as adults. Not paying attention in time can affect the eyesight.

Of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)Dr. Atul Kumar, a professor at the Dr. Rajendra Prasad Center for Ophthalmic Sciences, said that the incidence of myopia is higher in India now than ever before. Lockdown due to Korana (Lockdown) As a result, people who are stuck at home are increasingly using devices.

Online meetings, mobile and computer use for school are increasing.

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According to Professor Atul, constantly focusing on one thing causes myopia. Gradually the vision becomes weaker and the distant vision decreases. Bleeding from the eyes or blindness can also be a problem.

Children’s eye complaints have increased during the Corona period. Mobiles, laptops or computers are used for online study as schools are closed. In addition, indoor activities have increased as children are stuck at home. For that too, children use electronic devices. Constant eye tracking can lead to myopia.

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Symptoms of myopia

Dry eyes, swollen eyes, blurred vision, eye pain, blurred vision of distant objects, insomnia. These are just some of the symptoms of myopia.

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Blue light reduces sleep

Excessive use of electronic devices has very bad effects on the eyes. Blue light emitted from devices such as mobile phones, TVs, computers, laptops affects the eyes. It dries the eyes and also reduces the sleep of children. Many children use the phone in the evening or at night before going to bed. The eye complaints of such children are increased along with sleep disorder.

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First published:July 12, 2021, 4:59 PM IST


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