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Pune District Over 400 people fined: Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has ordered strict action against people who throng tourist places on Saturdays and Sundays.

Pune, July 11: In Pune (Pune district) The corona is still visible. So once again in Pune district (Pune Corona Virus) The same restrictions (Lockdown) Have been maintained. The third phase of restrictions will be imposed in Pune next week as well. Violation of corona rules (flouting Covid-19 norms on weekends) Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has ordered to take strict action against the culprits (Ajit Pawar) Given by. Following this order, the police started taking immediate action. Under this action, Pune police fined more than 400 people (Over 400 people fined) Is shaped.

As of Saturday (July 10) evening, 424 people had been charged with violating Corona rules. Police have collected about 1,99,600 fines in one day. A senior official has given information in this regard.

Despite the weekend lockdown on Saturday and Sunday, many people thronged Lonavla. We have deployed police at various places in Lonavla city and rural areas. Despite the restrictions, the police have taken action against 100 tourists coming to Lonavla and collected a fine of Rs 47,000, Pune (Rural) Superintendent of Police Abhinav Deshmukh has also informed.

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According to the Pune Rural Police, action has been taken against the tourists who thronged the famous monsoon tourist spots like Sinhagad Fort, Panshet Dam, Bhor, Velha, Kamshet and Junnar. Police have imposed fines on 424 tourists in the district since this morning. The fine has gone up to around Rs 1 lakh 99 thousand 600.

Restrictions like thech in Pune

Restrictions will remain in place in Pune city and district. Don’t let peddlers, handcarts, walk around even after the shops are closed from 8 am to 4 pm. Also, after the curfew was imposed at 5 pm, if the shops remain open and citizens are seen walking, strict action should be taken, Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar has given orders after the Corona review meeting yesterday.

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Review meeting held by Ajit Pawar

Coronation status review meeting in Pune (Pune Covid situation review meeting) Pune’s Guardian Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar (Ajit Pawar) Held a press conference. The incidence of corona is still there. Vaccination is underway, but citizens must follow the rules. Because, one thing that has come to the fore today is that even after taking two doses of covid vaccine, some people have died of coronary heart disease. Therefore, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has advised the citizens to take all this seriously.

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