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Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is witnessing a gross violation of the rules laid down for corona. The dance bar is open till late at night and the police are just watching.

Bhopal, July 11: Second wave of corona (Second wave of corona virus) Although fading, the corona effect is still there. The third wave (third wave) The possibility has been raised. In such a situation, the picture of Madhya Pradesh is that the rules imposed on corona are being violated (Madhya Pradesh) The capital is visible in Bhopal. Dance bar here until late at night (Dance bar) The picture is that the police are just watching.

Markets open, bar open

The picture is that the rules about corona are being followed only in the shops in the market. The police force various shops in the market to close on time. However, large bars, pubs and dance bars are being manipulated by various political parties and local leaders and the general public is complaining that they are being ignored. It is learned that all hotels and bars should be closed at 10 pm, while in Bhopal, the bar is open till 1 or 2 am.

Violation of corona rules

Even though the mask falls under the ERV road, the baton of action is raised, but there is a picture in this dance bar that no one is following the rules about corona. Many people crowd into this bar at once and no one is forced to wear a mask. There is also a picture of no one complaining as the citizens are under the terror of the leaders. When some citizens call the police and lodge a complaint, face to face action is taken and the citizens express the experience that the same picture appears again from the next day.

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Hollow claims of the Collector

It is alleged that the district collector and the police commissioner are not taking any action other than giving the usual sarcastic reply that the administration is keeping an eye on the parties taking place in farmhouses and open spaces. If such bars continue, the question is how the corona will come under control.

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First published:July 11, 2021, 5:17 PM IST


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