VIDEO: Vaccine shortage hurts people; Vandalism at the center itself, officers also harassed Viral

Corona vaccination has also been stepped up to fight corona. However, there is a shortage of vaccines in many states.

New Delhi July 09: Corona has been around the country for more than a year now (Coronavirus) The thyme is worn. Vaccination to fight corona (Corona Vaccination) The speed has also been increased. However, there is a shortage of vaccines in many states (Vaccine Shortage) Feeling. Due to this reason, the speed of vaccination has also slowed down. In some states, the situation is so serious that people are angry over the lack of vaccines. Of Odisha (Odisha) A similar picture was seen at a vaccination center. People gathered at the vaccination center here suddenly became aggressive. The incident took place outside a vaccination center in Ganjam, Odisha. People standing in line were seen breaking the barricades.

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“We’ve been standing here since morning,” said one person. There is a lot of crowd here. People from Andhra Pradesh are also coming here. The government should increase the number of vaccination centers. The video of the mess at the vaccination center is currently viral (Viral Video) Is done. This video shows that people don’t even follow social distance. In addition, most do not wear a mask.

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It seems that the authorities have to make many efforts to control this crowd and people. Vaccination medical officer Aditya Prasad Sahu said there was a shortage of vaccines. People are becoming aggressive due to the shortage of vaccines. People have broken down barricades and corona rules are not being followed. People from Andhra Pradesh are also coming here. The vaccination center needs to be expanded.

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First published:July 9, 2021, 10:07 AM IST


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