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The state government has announced to vaccinate people who are unable to leave their homes due to various illnesses, disabilities, old age or other medical reasons. The state government has informed the Mumbai High Court that the scheme will be launched soon.

Mumbai, July 1: Corona (Corona(For period vaccination)Vaccination) Many eligible citizens cannot leave their homes and go to the vaccination center. People who are unable to leave home due to various illnesses, disabilities, age or other medical reasons (Bed Ridden(Now home vaccine)Vaccines at home(State Government announces to give)State Government) Is done. Mumbai High Court (Mumbai High CourtThis information has been given by the state government and the state government has announced that it will start this scheme soon.

Fork the permission of the Center

The Maharashtra government has said it will launch the scheme without seeking permission from the central government to vaccinate people who cannot leave their homes. According to the indications, such schemes require the permission of the Central Government. However, the state government is preparing to start vaccination as soon as possible without delaying the process. State Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbakoni has given this information.

Implementation on an experimental basis

The scheme will be piloted in Pune district before it is launched in the entire state. Some rules and conditions have been laid down to take advantage of this vaccination. For this, the written consent of the family of the person to be vaccinated will be sought. Similarly, it will be mandatory for the family to submit the doctor’s certificate of that person. The state government told the court that the patient’s doctor was able to administer the corona vaccine and that it would not have any adverse effect on the patient.

Asking for a doctor’s certificate is impractical

Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta asked how a doctor can issue a certificate guaranteeing the effectiveness of vaccines. The state government’s plan is good, but the court on Wednesday advised the state government to remove the condition of doctor’s certificate.

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Millions of patients will be accommodated

This scheme of the government will make it possible for millions of patients in Maharashtra to get vaccinated at home. For many patients, getting out of the house can be dangerous. Getting such patients vaccinated at home is considered a great relief for them and their families. The scheme will be implemented across the state in view of the response to experimental vaccination in Pune. There are millions of patients in the state waiting for the scheme to be implemented as soon as possible.

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First published:July 1, 2021, 4:00 PM IST


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