The younger sister made the older sister pregnant; Sisters around the world making big decisions for Gay Couple | News

One sister donates eggs, while the other becomes pregnant with her help. These English sisters are the talk of the town. Because two years ago, the same gay couple gave birth to a baby by surrogacy.

London, May 24: Medical science has made great strides in today’s world. In the past, infertile couples literally cried to have children. Now, however, science has provided many ways for such couples to have children. Not only that, in some western countries, gay Lgbt couples have the right to adopt a child as well as have their own child through surrogacy and egg donor. Surrogate mother means, in short, to raise the child of another couple in your womb. But surrogacy of British sisters for gay couple is currently being discussed around the world by English sisters. One of them has donated an egg while the other is raising an embryo from it in our womb. It is special that neither of them has a child. For a gay couple, these sisters are about to give birth.

In surrogacy, a woman’s womb is rooted in another woman’s womb to give birth to a baby. Two sisters living in Britain are enjoying the lives of other couples through surrogacy; But the story of surrogacy being performed by them is not so simple. It has a twist.

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Leanne Davis, 37, became pregnant with the ovaries of her 34-year-old sister, Rachel. That is, one sister donates the eggs, while the other becomes pregnant with the help of the eggs. Lee is still 29 weeks pregnant. Both do not have postnatal contact with the baby born through surrogacy. Both are satisfied with their work. The fact that we let children into someone’s life makes them happy.

So far, the two sisters have given birth to one child, and another is in Leanne’s womb. Both children are gay. Tavis Allen, 47, and Spencer, 31, are a gay couple. Spencer is a lawyer. The couple’s sperm was fertilized with the younger sister’s egg and the resulting embryo was placed in the older sister’s womb. He was raised there and gave birth to a baby nine months later. Although the delivery is usually done by the elder sister, the younger sister stays with her. The two spend this time happily together. It makes us very happy, they both say.

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The two live together until the baby is born. Then they go home. They both have three children of their own. The older sister is a single mother. The younger sister lives with her husband and three children.

The couple had given birth to a baby by surrogacy for the same gay couple two years ago. The gay couple, who became fathers through surrogacy, thanked the two sisters. The gay couple says that these two sisters helped to strengthen the bond between them. Now this gay couple is super excited to welcome their soon to be born baby.

First published:May 24, 2021, 5:00 PM IST


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