‘It’s like eating butter in the middle …’, Kedar Shinde expressed intense anger News

IPL matches (IPL2021) are in full swing. But the common man is trapped in the house. Director Kedar Shinde has tweeted on the same subject.

Mumbai May 4: There was no area or part left that did not reach Corona. Corona across the country (corona pandemic) Literally, Thayman is worn. There is also a lack of medical facilities. He is coming forward to help as much as he can. A lockdown has been declared in some parts of the country, including the state, to protect the corona. Except for essential services, no one is allowed to leave. But recently in some states (Bengal elections) Elections were held, even during this critical period, large rallies and meetings were held, of course, involving all political parties. IPL matches on the other hand (IPL2021) The tumult began. But the common man is trapped in the house. Director Kedar Shinde on the same subject (Kedar Shinde) Has actually tweeted.

Kedar Shinde, a well-known Marathi director who has always been known for his fearless and clear thinking, has set fire to IPL and political rallies. In his first tweet, he said, ‘Those who are making a lot of money at the moment are .. #RanveerSingh. And the #ipl ones shown in his advertisements .. ipl loudly on the outskirts of Delhi and Ahmedabad .. ‘

He has expressed his indignation over the matches held even after the terrible crisis of Corona. Recently, it was reported that some players tested positive for corona and some of them have been admitted to the hospital. Kedar Shinde has also commented on the bio-bubble process.

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In the next tweet, he says, ‘What the #biobble? Despite taking such precautions, # IPL2021 players have come #coronapositive ?? This cricket team that eats butter in the middle … Karma will give correct answers … ‘

Kedar Shinde’s tweet is being well discussed. Also now BCCI (BCCI) Has decided to cancel this year’s IPL matches immediately.

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First published:May 4, 2021, 4:06 PM IST


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