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Many states have extended a helping hand to alleviate economic hardship during the Corona period.

New Delhi, May 4: The situation has been exacerbated by the devastation of Covid 19 across the country. Lockdown has been imposed in many places. As a result, many are facing financial crisis. Meanwhile, many states have extended a helping hand to alleviate the economic woes. State Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had announced in early April that he would provide a free Shiv Bhojan Thali for one month.

Food Security Scheme Beneficiaries The free foodgrains scheme will provide free foodgrains to about seven crore beneficiaries in the state, such as 3 kg of wheat and 2 kg of rice per person per month, he said.

Apart from this, financial assistance of up to Rs 1,500 was provided to 12 lakh construction workers, Rs 1,500 to authorized peddlers and permit rickshaw drivers. Meanwhile, now Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also made a big announcement on Tuesday. As many as 72 lakh ration card holders in Delhi will be given free rations for two months. Apart from this, the Kejriwal government has also decided that it will provide financial assistance of Rs 5,000 to rickshaw-taxi drivers.

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Kejriwal said …

– Lockdown in Delhi was necessary to control the number of corona patients. But lockdowns can be a major financial crisis for the poor, especially for day laborers who earn a living and run a household.

As many as 72 lakh ration card holders in Delhi will get free rations for the next two months. This does not mean that the lockdown will last for two months. The decision has been taken to help those facing financial crisis.

-Also, auto and taxi drivers will be given financial assistance of Rs. 5-5 thousand.

-Last year, the Delhi government had helped over 1.56 lakh motorists in the lockdown.

-Everyone is facing a very difficult time.

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First published:May 4, 2021, 3:38 PM IST


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