Corona patients are now treated with Ayurvedic medicine; Government’s advice to take AYUSH 64 | Coronavirus-latest-news

The Ministry of AYUSH has claimed that AYUSH 64, an ayurvedic medicine, is beneficial for corona patients.

New Delhi, April 03: For the treatment of corona patients in the country (Corona Patient treatment) Of various drugs (Corona Medicine) Is used. Now also Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurvedic medicine for corona) Has been included. Ayurvedic Medicine AYUSH 64 (AYUSH 64) The central government claims that corona is effective on patients. The government is now working to make the drug available to all.

AYUSH-64 is a drug developed in 1980. The drug was developed to treat malaria. The drug was also tested on corona patients following symptoms in corona patients. At the time, the drug appeared to be effective on the corona.

According to the Ministry of Ayush, it has been shown to be beneficial for patients with mild to moderate symptoms. Therefore, this drug has been recreated for the treatment of corona.

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The drug will now be widely produced. CCRAS and NDRC have reached an agreement in this regard. The Ministry of AYUSH has directed all the states to use this drug for mild to moderate corona patients. Pharmaceutical companies have also been asked to take initiative for the manufacture of this drug so that it is available across the country.

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First published:May 3, 2021, 8:14 PM IST


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