10 times corona negative got woman report; The reason why he came forward after his death was because his family also trembled Coronavirus-latest-news

The woman underwent a hernia operation. During this period, the woman remained in the hospital for ten days. Her corona test was also done daily during these ten days.

London 04 May: Corona around the world (Coronavirus) The spread is very fast. During this time many shocking and disturbing news are also coming to the fore. Another such incident has now come to light. A 55-year-old woman was hospitalized (Hospital) Filed. The woman had a hernia operation. During this time, the woman remained in the hospital for ten days. Her corona was also tested daily during these ten days. The woman was placed in the Corona Proof Ward. The woman’s daily corona report came back negative but she died ten days later (Woman Tests Positive for Covid 19 After Death) Done. After this, the hospital told the woman that it was Corona, her son said.

The case is from Stanfordshire in the UK. A woman named Debra Shaw was admitted to the Royal Stoke University Hospital here. The woman died at the hospital ten days later. Relatives were called for a final visit after the death. The family was told that the woman did not have a corona. However, she developed pneumonia during her recovery at the hospital. During this time, the doctors at the hospital also hugged the family members and consoled them. However, now the matter has taken a different turn.

According to The Sun.uk, Debra Shaw’s son is 32 years old. His son said that we were later told that my mother, Corona, was positive. This is completely wrong. If she was coronary, how did her report come back negative for ten days in a row? And if she was really positive, why did she endanger everyone’s life by taking the whole family to her? Now the woman’s family is considering filing a complaint against the hospital.

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First published:May 4, 2021, 8:32 AM IST


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