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The TIFR Institute report predicts that if the vaccination rate in Mumbai reaches the required capacity, the train could be on track in June.

Mumbai, May 3: The situation in Mumbai was very serious. This situation seems to be getting better now. The ongoing lockdown under Break the chain has reduced the number of patients. Also, the number of positive patients (Positivity Rate) is declining. But mortality is also a matter of concern. But according to a TIFR report, the death toll could be contained by June 1. Only. Something needs to happen for that. (Mumbai Vaccination Drive)

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TIFR is a study conducted by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. According to the findings, the death rate in Mumbai could be reached by June 1. However, for that, the vaccination rate of Mumbai citizens should be 75% by then. In other words, if around 20 lakh people are vaccinated in Mumbai in a month, the death rate is likely to come down, the report said. This means that from June 1, public life can start somewhat normally.

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Scientists have come up with this model after mathematically studying the second wave of the corona. If the corona vaccination campaign continues without any hindrance. The report also said that if the new strain of the corona is not threatened, it is possible to start school from July 1.

The superintendent of TIFR, Dr. According to Sandeep Juneja, this is based on Corona’s condition. That may change. This is a prediction so far. He also said that it could be predicted in July. However, they have made this prediction based on the overall condition of the corona and the possibility of vaccination. If that is possible, the situation can be brought under control not only in Mumbai but also in other parts of the state. Therefore, it is very important to carry out the vaccination campaign faster.

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First published:May 3, 2021, 4:00 PM IST


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