Annoying! Sold to Pot’s 2-year-old son; Father went for a walk with his girlfriend with the same money Crime

He didn’t even leave his baby in the womb because he wanted money to have fun with his girlfriend.

Beijing, May 03: No matter how poor the parents may be, their grief does not reach their children. Husbands and wives may be arguing with each other, but they both love their children equally. Even if the two are separated, their lives are in jeopardy for their children and that is why after the divorce, the struggle for possession of the child also begins. But now a father has come forward who not only left his wife but also sold his unborn child to have fun with his girlfriend. (Man sold son for money).

In China (China) A father has sold his two-year-old chimpanzee. He traveled the country with his girlfriend on the same money he got from it.

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To dateAccording to the Zhejiang Legal Daily report, the man had been arguing with his wife. So they divorced. They have two sons, a daughter and a son. The custody of the girl was taken by the mother while the father of the boy.

The man was working in another city, so he kept his son with his brother in Hujoi City. He came back and took the boy away, telling his mother that he wanted to see him. He then sold it to a couple in Changshu who had no children. He sold his son for 24 thousand dollars, which is 17 lakh rupees. With this money he went on a tour of the country with his girlfriend.

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The brother did not return with the child, nor did he pick up the phone, so the brother lodged a complaint with the police station. The whole incident was then revealed. After investigation, the police have handcuffed the accused father.

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First published:May 3, 2021, 10:37 PM IST


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