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Excise duty on oxygen transport by ship waived

Government orders removal of charges to major ports

New Delhi: The government on Sunday ordered all major ports to waive all charges for shipping oxygen and other medical supplies across the country in the wake of rising corona outbreaks and the rapid increase in the number of coronaviruses. Therefore, charges for transportation of oxygen and other medical supplies will be waived.

The Ministry of Ports and Shipping has issued instructions in this regard. Large quantities of oxygen are needed to save the lives of coronary artery patients across the country and priority will be given to transporting medical grade oxygen, oxygen tanks, oxygen bottles, portable oxygen generators and oxygen concentrators in large quantities. In view of this, the government has directed various major ports, including Kamaraj Port Limited, to waive charges on transportation of oxygen and other related materials. This includes various charges related to shipping, storage charges, etc. The port chief has also been directed to co-ordinate with the customs department and other departments for immediate permission to transport oxygen and other related materials, documents and emergency transport as well as unloading of oxygen at the port.

Senior government officials have said that steps have been taken to implement the orders issued by all major ports.

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