Korean activist’s sensational claim: Kim Jong Un still has fun with 2,000 slave women during Corona | News

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un says he was quarantined with 2,000 sex slaves. At the Vonson compound, which is considered a paradise on earth, they were “separated” with entourage, a Korean activist has claimed.

New Delhi, April 23: Yeonmi Park, a human rights activist from North Korea (Human rights activist Yeon-mi Park) North Korea’s Sarvesarva Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong Un) They are feared to have carried out the assassination. Yeonmi has so far repeatedly raised his voice against dictator Kim Jong Un by taking risks. She has always been vocal about North Korean propaganda. His new claim regarding Kim Jong has caused a stir.

Park is currently in Chicago (Chicago) Living here and those frequent Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong Un) The truth about them is brought before the people. He said in his Instagram post that the North Korean dictator keeps 2,000 slave slaves with him. Park has said his life is in danger in the United States as well.

Park himself bribed human traffickers in 2007. Because they wanted to reach America. Park made the decision because Kim Jong Un had put Park’s cancer-stricken father in a horrible situation.

Park claims that even during the Corona period, Kim kept 2,000 slave prostitutes with him and that he was with them in isolation at the Vonson compound, which is considered a paradise on earth. These women are also known as ‘pleasure scouts’ and are used to entertain many high profile and elite people including Kim Jong Un.

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They have security guards with them when they go to public places. “I’ve been on Kim Jong Un’s target list for the last several years,” he told the Sun website. I’m always afraid they’ll find out and kill me. I also get threats. My system has been hacked many times.

She added: “North Korea has publicly declared me an enemy of the country. Because my mother and I had fled the country. In addition, three generations of my family have been punished. All my relatives have been killed or imprisoned. ‘

Dictator Kim Jong Un killed his half-brother Kim Jong Un in 2017 through a nerve agent, and the incident took place at a Malaysian airport. The assassination is said to have been carried out because the brother of the North Korean dictator could claim power there.

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Park said the manner in which a prominent journalist like Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated in Turkey made it clear that dictators in any country could carry out assassinations in another country and that no one could punish them for it. In such a situation, I always worry about my life, she says.

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First published:April 23, 2021, 4:11 PM IST


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