Ratan Tata’s investment in Melit – Navshakti

Ratan Tata’s investment in Melit

New Delhi: Leading industrialist Ratan Tata has invested in tech-based mailroom management and logistics company Melit. However, the exact amount invested by Tata in the company has not been disclosed.

In addition to launching 500 mail rooms across the country in the next five years, the company plans to open a state-of-the-art mechanized warehouse and distribution center. In addition to various major companies in the country, Melit also provides courier, cargo, 3PL, mail room management digital solutions and postal services to several large Tata Group companies. Since stepping down as chairman of the Tata Group in December 2012, Ratan Tata has made it a priority to invest in his potential. He has always taken the lead for emerging startups. He has invested in many companies besides Militia.

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