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Maharashtra Covid-19 updates: The situation in the state is becoming more worrisome due to the increasing prevalence of corona. The state has registered a large number of new patients in the last 10 days.

Mumbai, April 10: In Maharashtra (Maharashtra) Ongoing corona virus (Coronavirus) Government of Maharashtra to prevent infection (Maharashtra Government) Under ‘Break the Chain’ various measures were announced and strict restrictions were imposed. However, the number of corona cases in the state does not appear to be declining. That is why the state is now 100 per cent in a few days Lockdown (Lockdown) Movements to do have begun. In these 10 days of April alone, more than 5 lakh patients have been diagnosed in the state.

A large increase in the number of corona infections

If we look at the statistics of the last 10 days, 530885 new corona infections have been diagnosed in the state during the period from 1st April 2021 to 10th April 2021. This statistic is worrying. Let’s take a look at how many patients have been diagnosed in the state on which day.

April 1 – Diagnosis of 43183 patients

April 2 – Diagnosis of 47827 patients

April 3 – Diagnosis of 49447 patients

April 4 – Diagnosis of 57074 patients

April 5 – Diagnosis of 47288 patients

April 6 – Diagnosis of 55469 patients

April 7 – Diagnosis of 59907 patients

April 8 – Diagnosis of 56286 patients

April 9 – Diagnosis of 58993 patients

April 10 – Diagnosis of 55411 patients

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What is the current status of Corona in Maharashtra?

Today (April 10, 2021) 55411 new patients have been diagnosed in the state. So far 309 victims have died. Today, a total of 53,005 patients in the state have overcome corona. The recovery rate in the state is 82.18%. The current mortality rate in the state is 1.72%. Of the 2,18,51,235 laboratory samples tested to date, 33,43,951 (15.3 per cent) have tested positive.

There are a total of 5,36,682 active patients in the state today. Today, 55,411 new patients were registered in the state. The total number of corona affected patients in the state now stands at 33,43,951.

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