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Maharashtra police busts remdesivir black marketing racket: Action is being taken against the black marketers of remdisivir injection. Police have arrested five people in Mumbai and Nanded.

Mumbai, April 8: Corona in the state (Coronavirus) Of remedicivir injections required for patients while increasing the number of infected patients (Remdesivir injection) It has come to light that there is a shortage. Citizens are buying at the price that Nilaja will get as Remedicivir injections are required. However, in times of crisis, some have created artificial scarcity in the Black (remdesivir black marketing racket) Are selling drugs at an ascending rate. Similarly, the Maharashtra Police has cracked down on the black marketers of Remedivir Injection.

One arrested in Mumbai, stock of drugs confiscated

A Mumbai Crime Branch team has arrested a man in the Jogeshwari area of ​​Mumbai for black-marketing Remedivir Injection. Police have seized 12 remedicivir injections from the accused. Police suspect that the man has some other accomplices and are investigating him. Police also suspect that the accused has more stock of injections.

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In Nanded also, a gang involved in black marketing of remedicivir was arrested

The local crime branch had received information that a black market of remedicivir injections was going on in Nanded. After that, the police set a trap and handcuffed the gang of four who were selling in Remedisivir Black. Police have also seized seven injections from the four. Police Inspector Dwarkadas Chikhlikar took this action by sending fake customers.

Remedicivir injections were being sold for a whopping Rs 8,000 when the original price was low. The police team arrested Virbhadra Swami, Baba Padole, Balaji Dhonde and Vishwajit Kamble. The four accused used to get injections from Hindustan Medical Wajegaon and Manasvi AJC Sanjeevani Hospital and sell them on the black market. The case is being processed. Police have speculated that there may be a large chain involved.

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First published:April 8, 2021, 9:56 PM IST


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