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The state government is planning to shut down Mumbai’s lifeline local service once again. Cabinet Minister Vijay Vadettivar has made a statement in this regard.

Mumbai, April 8: When the Coronavirus peak in Mumbai started last year, the local service, which was considered the lifeline of Mumbai (Lockdown restrictions) in the first lockdown (mumbai local train news update) Was jammed for several months. The local then started with some restrictions. Now the situation in Mumbai is worse than last year. The number of patients has increased so much that the ICU beds in the hospital are becoming inadequate. Given the current situation, the state government is once again considering shutting down local services. Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vijay Vadettiwar (Vijay Wadettiwar) He made a statement in this regard.

Vadettiwar said, “It has not been decided yet whether the local should be shut down. But it is being considered whether to close the local completely or to impose some restrictions on the local service as in the past.” During the first lockdown, local services were disrupted, causing heavy losses to many. The decision to start a local was taken last year as employment was declining. Now the corona is growing but the crowd is not diminishing. The crowd is further increasing the number of corona. That will be considered soon, said Vadettiwar.

The Chief Minister reminded again of the instructions given while launching Mumbai Local

It is understood that the state government has discussed the matter with the Railways. But the railway administration is not in favor of shutting down local services. People’s employment is lost and inconvenienced. Therefore, the locals should continue, says the administration.

Despite announcing a mini lockdown in the state, the situation has not changed much. Every day a new record number of patients are growing. On the one hand, vaccination has also gone cold. Vaccination centers in some places have to be closed due to insufficient stocks of vaccines. Corona, on the other hand, does not take the name of reducing the number of patients. As a result, the situation in the state has worsened.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray (CM Uddhav Thackeray) He also recalled the instructions given before the launch of Mumbai Local in Wednesday’s meeting. He appealed to the entrepreneurs to avoid crowds. For this, rules should be made for employees to work from home, said Thackeray.

‘Banks, private offices should work in different shifts by dividing the time. Work from home procedures should be followed. Even when launching Mumbai Local, it was said to remove the word ‘pick’. Why not twenty-four hours, instead of peak hours? It is possible to avoid congestion and stress on various systems by working in twenty-four hour divisions. Work with discipline. Take responsibility for employees in the workplace. Plan their meals and comings and goings. For this, a good SOP should be prepared and submitted, ‘said Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in a meeting held on Wednesday.

First published:April 8, 2021, 4:07 PM IST


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