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Mumbai: Quarantine is mandatory for passengers coming to Mumbai from abroad. However, a video has gone viral claiming that a bribe of Rs 10,000 has been demanded for not being quarantined.

Mumbai, April 7: Corona (Coronavirus) As the prevalence is increasing rapidly in Mumbai (Mumbai) BMC to citizens coming to Mumbai from abroad (BMC)Quarantine (Quarantine) Has been made mandatory. According to this, citizens coming from abroad have to be quarantined in the hotel mentioned by Mumbai Municipal Corporation. However, now a video is going viral in which you have a bribe of Rs 10,000 for not being quarantined (10K demanded to skip quarantine) Claimed to have asked.

Pew is sad to be a singer and songwriter (Singer Piyu Udasi)Has said on his Instagram account. She posted a video on March 28th. In the video, she claims, my brother was stopped at the airport on his way back from Africa. He was asked to be quarantined. Corona tested her twice and her report came back negative. Coming from Africa, his corona was tested and then also tested in Dubai and both the reports came back negative. However, despite this, he was forced to quarantine for seven days. You will not be tested during these seven days, only you will have to pay the hotel room rent, food and medicine bills. This was opposed by my brother. My brother was then taken aside by a police officer and told that we would take you to the hotel and if you did not want to be quarantined there, the management would tell you what to do.

Pew added that the police officer had a phone conversation with the hotel manager and he left. The hotel manager told my brother, if you don’t want to be quarantined, you have to pay a bribe of Rs 10,000. My brother’s passport was taken by the hotel staff. If you pay 10,000, you will be let go. My brother objected to the bribe. He said, test me and then I will be quarantined. However, the hotel management did not listen. My brother left, but his passport is still there. Citizens pay in fear, but what about those who do not have the situation.

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Then on April 1, she posted another video saying that many people are commenting that the same thing has happened to them. We got a call from the Deputy Commissioner of Police last night and a complaint has been lodged against the hotel. An FIR has been lodged against my brother and a defamation suit has also been filed against me. This is because I made videos and accused them.

The hotel side has not yet come forward after these allegations. The news will be updated when the hotel management responds.

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First published:April 7, 2021, 11:31 PM IST


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