Shots fired at the family recreating the PUBG scene; Two killed, three injured Crime

In this VIDEO, the accused is seen wearing a helmet and jacket and firing bullets.

Pakistan, April 7: Pubji addiction is becoming dangerous for gamers around the world. The habit of these famous games is becoming so dangerous that, in many cases, gamers do not look back and forth to kill people. This game has created a shocking trend in Pakistan. In Lahore, Pakistan, a man was so addicted to the game of PUBJI that he fired at his family like a game. Two were killed and three were injured in the blast.

According to AryNews, a man near Lahore’s Naa Kot recreated a scene from the game on Monday, with CCTV footage rapidly going viral. In which you can see a man wearing a PUBJI helmet and jacket and firing. According to the police, the man had an argument with his family members in a domestic case. After which he fired.

Citizens heard the sound of gunfire in the area. They arrested the accused and handed him over to the police. CCTV footage of the incident has been shared on YouTube, showing a man firing bullets. The accused’s daughter-in-law and friend were killed in the incident. Mother, sister and brother are seriously injured.

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While giving information about the shooting, the police said that the accused was addicted to the game of Pubji. So members of the household would stop him from playing this game. The accused got angry that day and recreated a scene of Pubji. The next day, after an argument with the family, he returned with a gun and shot everyone.

Published by:Meenal Gangurde

First published:April 7, 2021, 7:45 PM IST


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