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Jemima Goldsmith, the ex-wife of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan, has advised men to wear the burqa, citing the Koran.

Islamabad, April 8: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan (Imran Khan) The controversy over his outrageous statement about rape is growing. Imran Khan is being criticized all over the world. Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of Imran Khan (Jemima Goldsmith) He has also told Imran about this issue. Jemima has advised men to wear the burqa, citing the Koran.

Jemima tweeted criticizing Imran Khan. In it, he claims that it is the responsibility of men to remain in the burqa, citing the Koran. “Tell your supporters to keep your private parts in the burqa to keep an eye on them.” Jemima has also claimed that the man I knew, Imran Khan, should have a veil over his eyes. Jemima is Imran Khan’s first wife.

Imran Khan’s second wife Reham Khan (Reham Khan) He has also jumped into the controversy. He has advised Imran Khan to speak less.

Imran Khan’s outrageous statement

Europe to growing pornography (Europe) And India (India) These countries are to blame, said Imran Khan. “I need the cooperation of the people to curb the rising incidence of rape,” Imran Khan said in a direct reply to a question.

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“To avoid temptation, we must promote the burqa. If Delhi is considered the capital of rape, then pornography in Europe is a threat to the family system. Therefore, Pakistani citizens need to help reduce pornography.” This statement was made by Imran.

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First published:April 8, 2021, 1:37 PM IST


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